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A quick deep dive into William Nguyen

I am William Nguyen, a second-year business student at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. I am currently majoring in business and computer science. I was born in Vietnam and was fortunate to immigrate to Canada in 2011. Only during the summer of 2022 was I beginning my journey into technology and the construction of this website repersent my first steps into the world of technology. In the future, I will strive to be a part of the next generation of technology leaders. This goal isn't due to some desire for fame or fortune but from my personal experience with the devastating effects of climate change. In particular, my home country of Vietnam has been ravaged by floods and heat waves, which continue to destroy many people's livelihoods. As a result, I want to help make a positive difference through my future business ventures, where I seek to combine the synergies of my love for business and technology.